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What should I do when my garage door is out of order?

If you notice that your door is not working anymore, stay away from it because it poses potential danger. Never try to fix it yourself. The best thing to do is contact a professional for an immediate repair. Our garage door repair Cedar Grove technicians can help you solve the problem and are always ready to offer regular door maintenance.

What is best for my door, replacement or repair?

It depends on the situation. The only time you need to replace your existing garage door is when you notice that it is no longer working the way it was the first time you installed it. Repainting or buffing the dents out of an old and damaged door would cost you a lot of time, money and effort so replacement is a smart idea.

What is the basic step in troubleshooting door openers?

Different brands and models of door openers may require different procedures for repair or troubleshooting. Our garage door repair professionals, however, suggest one very important thing to remember. This is to start with the simplest solutions applicable. These simple fixes include the checking of the power supply connection, cleaning and aligning sensors, and doing some adjustments on the moving parts.

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