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Want to have greater savings when buying your new garage door? Here are some tips on that and more.

Safety tip for garage doors

We at Garage door repair Cedar Grove recommend that you unplug the automatic opener before working on the structure. Clamp some locking pliers on the roller track. This will reduce the risk of looping and dropping. Do not lift the cables when the spring is still in tension. Avoid the overhead torsion spring if you can.

How to replace a U-Shaped garage door astragal

These are normally found on a steel garage door. The u-shape is formed by hollow rubber framework which seals the bottom during inclement weather. Mice and general wear can affect them. Get the right size and shape according to the width whilst on the floor. Use a larger seal for a wider gap.

Replacing wooden garage doors

Wooden doors are less durable than steel and fiber glass doors, but they are popular due to their classic style. Although, nowadays, wooden steel barred doors are available to meet the classic style of the wooden models. You can contact our garage door repair Cedar Grove experts to replace your door for you.

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